Fireboy And Watergirl the game.

Developer and publisher of the hit game Fireboy and Watergirl, Oslo Albet, created this two player game for such platforms as Android, Microsoft Windows and macOS. Oslo probably didn’t know that his creation would get an 8.8 out of 10 rating from such reviewers as Crazy Games. In this wild ride for the android OS, Windows and MAC, you must help our two protagonists: Watergirl and Fireboy. 

Play this fun-for-hours game in order to help to help our two friends find the exit while also keeping in mind that Watergirl can not touch lava and also that Fireboy has to avoid the water!

The game Fireboy and Watergirl has been so well received that there are now chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and the latest and fifth installment, Waterboy and Firegirl Elements.The first release of the game was called WB and FG: Forest. Followed by the next chapter: Light. Then came chapter three, Ice. Ice lead straight into the games fourth chapter, Crystal. Finally,we now have the fifth installment; Elements,which may just be the tip of the iceberg for this game, as its fan base seems to grow larger and larger every download! One busy mom who reviewed the game recently gave it five out of five stars, saying “My kids think this is lots of fun and it occupies their minds when they need to think about other things or it is not good weather to be outside.’

Fun for adults and kids alike, this game is like no other. One player of the game rated it five out of five starts and said it was the most “awesome game in years!’ claiming that he wished he could just play the game all day. 

The game also teaches as well as it entertains. Young children, teenagers, young adults and anyone in between can get something pleasurable and positive from giving these games a shot.

All the levels of Waterboy and Firegirl are now available on Steam, a popular computer game engine that has thousands upon thousands of members. Steam has recently become the undeniable most popular and densely populated social video game community program, earning the respect of all serious gamers online.  
Clearly this game has promise and does not seem to be dropping off the radar very quickly as it just seems to become more and more known by all age gamers. Give Fireboy and Watergirl a try and you will see all it has to offer and more!