A Stable in Flash Games Since Flash Began

A Stable in Flash Games Since Flash Began

Flash has been around for 24 years and was invented 28 years ago. It had its ups and downs, and now is on its final leg. However, there have been places that have stuck by the side of flash since it began. Some bailed-on flash, and others used it because they had to. 


28 years ago, the process started to bring flash to fruition. A company named FutureWave invented a software that allowed people to bypass game downloads and play on their screen immediately. However, it was called “SmartSketch” back then, and was to advanced technologically to be used from 1992-1995. In 1996 though, they gained a minimal success from SmartSketch, and after almost going under sold the technology to Macromedia who carried the software into its new phase. After tweaking the software, they renamed it “Flash,” and so began the gaming industry’s use of Flash Player. Macromedia was using sites like Newgrounds.com and addictinggames.com to stay afloat. While those sites were gaining ground for Macromedia, it still wasn’t enough for them to stay in the game, and they sold their company to Adobe in 2005. Adobe has since run the flash player software since them.

Flash’s Final Leg

Flash has been run for 24 years not by the same company, but as the software itself. It has had massive success with the use of flash games and is still in use now. However, Adobe has notified everyone that during the year 2020 flash player will no longer be active. They are killing the technology due to many pleas for the populous for them to quit the software design. Every story has its end and now so does flash. 

Who Stuck with Flash?

Game sites that used flash games as a key feature for their site have always stuck by the side of flash. Sites like addictinggames.com and newgrounds.com have always been there to use flash as their main software for their gamers. 

Stragglers to Flash

Many people as a whole rejected flash as a software saying the it wasn’t protected, that it lacks the proper security protocol, and that its out of date. The notorious bailer of Adobe’s Flash Player was apple. They did not use it on any iPad, iPhone, or Mac. Other companies simply put up with flash because there was nothing else, i.e. Facebook, Myspace, and other social gaming areas.

Final Thoughts

Adobe has been around for ages and have now come to the consensus to stop running flash. So where does that leave the flash games that people love? Well, we don’t know the fate of those games yet, but I’m sure we’ll all find out next year when they dissolve the flash software. 


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