Fun For All Flash Games

Fun For All Flash Games

If your a gamer at heart and you love to play online computer games, than you probably have already been introduced and have been playing flash games whether you even know it or not. Flash games are simply un-downloaded games that only require internet connection and a computer to play. Three of the best online flash games include minesweeper, solitaire and Mario 63. 

An oldie but a goodie, Minesweeper is a slow paced game that can really make your wheels start turning as you try to unveil the mines without getting blown up. This is a great game because it is relaxing, doesn’t require too much thinking but just enough that it makes for a fun past time. This is also a great game for people of all ages as it is easy to learn and fun to try and master. 

Solitaire is a staple of online solo games that is easy to learn, easy to play and can really be a lot fun if you like playing cards. The simple concept of trying to empty your deck of cards without running out is super easy to figure out and doesn’t require too much thinking for moving around. It is great for young kids just starting to learn how to play cards and also for older people that like to sit down to an easy, yet fun game of cards that doesn’t need to be downloaded or anything crazy like that. 

Mario 63
Who doesn’t love Mario? If your too cheap or simply do not like the other games offered to buy a wii or playstation playing Mario 63 in it’s online platform is the perfect solution. When you play it online you can avoid costly game prices and difficult controls that maybe not everyone understands. 
So if your ever board and looking for a quick past time that is fun and relaxing go for these online games with no hassle and little no learning curve. 


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