Why are Flash Games so Popular?

Why are Flash Games so Popular?

What got flash so popular with gamers? Did Adobe know they were going to have great success with flash? Why do gamers love the games? How many people usually frequent these games daily? Well, let’s find out down below as we find out what makes flash games so fun and enjoyable to all the gamers out there.

Why is Flash Popular with Gamers?

Flash is popular with gamers simply because of convenience. A one-time download of Adobe Flash and gamers can experience games from their favorite sites for free. Free gaming is the number one reason why Adobe Flash has been so popular, simply because its easy. Once you own the download, they will never ask you to download again, and you can play all the flash games you want on any site for free. I mean there are ads you have to watch, but that’s how the developers and sites make their money. 

Did Adobe Realize They’d Be This Successful?

The short answer is yes. They bought out Macromedia for $3.4 billion and invested a lot of money into the flash player so that they could make money off of this. They saw sites like New Grounds and Addicting Games and realized there was a huge market for web browser gaming, and thus they bought the company knowing full well that it would be a huge success. Also, they haven’t had any competition for their flash player. So really, it was all win for them. 

Why Do Gamers Love the Games?

The gamers love the games because they are unique. They can play all types of games from one site. They don’t have to download any of them, they’re all free, and honestly, they’re all addicting. Literally anyone who plays a flash game will inevitably end up playing for hours. Not downloading the games and them being free helps, but what gamers really love about flash games is the fact that it offers new games weekly, and it has a massive variety of games for the players to choose from. 

Frequent Daily Gamers

Game sites like the aforementioned New Grounds and Addicting Games have a vast number of daily traffic that are over 5 million, and that’s on a slow day. With so many gamers frequenting these sites, the companies get paid by the ad companies, and the ad companies get paid by the click rate. Then Adobe takes a small kickback per gamer. So they’re all sitting on a wealth of money that is unbeknownst to the populous. 

Final Words

With Adobe having the raging success that they had even after buying out Macromedia for 3.4 billion dollars, to ensure they’d have no competition, the games market soared. Gamers love the games that they get to play on their web browsers because they’re free, and don’t require a download. The variety of games that are available to the gamers is just another reason that gamers love flash player. So the next time you’re playing your favorite browser game, thank Adobe for giving the games to you download and cash free.


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